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The Season of End Time

The Season of End Time

As the office manager for Eternal Love, the Pastors and I have started developing our own style.  One of the areas I enjoy is developing the visuals.  I like to tie the digital and visual experience together: bulletin cover, PowerPoint and social media.  

Theme-ing out a service creates a unified experience for our members and visitors.  It helps not only with service planning but also how people engage and remember a service.  

This Sunday is the first Sunday in End Time and I have started dabbling in my own themed imagery.  End Time has four very distinct themes to end the church year - Reformation, Last Judgment, Saints Triumphant & Christ the King which made an End Time imagery series a challenge.

I love how it turned out.  What do you think?

If this is something you or your church would be interested in, please fill out the contact form.  

This series includes overall and weekly PowerPoint background, Facebook banners and social media images.  

Weekly sample