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Social Media Plan & Solutions

You know that social media is the key to growing and engaging with your current customers/members and the community.  But you are worried you are going to do something wrong or that it isn't going work, right?

The key to social media isn't doing everything at once but it's doing a couple of things well.

I can help you with that!

Couple of the biggest things you can do?

  • Develop your own voice (brand) by creating your own content and sharing content that helps your business/ministry
  • Post regularly and on a schedule

I will help you develop a social media plan, give you ideas for posts and also provide you some images right at your finger tips.

I will also help you create a digital media strategy (website banners, images for posting on social media, Facebook banners,etc) for up to 5 different events/solutions for your business/ministry.  These can then be used for just one year or multiple years.